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Rhino Concrete Fabricators (R) Ltd

Rhino Concrete Fabricators (R) Ltd is a Rwanda based company committed to delivering exceptional quality value in (read more)

African Hand Made Ltd

African Hand Made Ltd ni ikigo nya Rwanda Gikora ibikoresho bya MADE in RWANDA by'umwihariko "Ibikoresho by'ubugeni". (read more)

Star Construction and Consultancy Ltd

Star Construction and Consultancy Ltd is Rwanda based Construction and Consultancy Company. It has been in operation (read more)


AMACO PAINTS Ltd has been established in 2003 as a paints manufacturing company in Rusizi Western Province Rwanda and (read more)


We are specialized in manufacturing Quality and Multi-purpose Furniture designed to occupy and fit in small (read more)

RCGF Rwanda Ltd

Reinforced Concrete Garden Furniture (RCGF) Rwanda Ltd dukora ibikoresho byo mubusitani bikozwe muri Beto: • Ameza • (read more)

Isubyo of Arts Ltd

Isubyo of Arts Ltd ni Company ikora ikanacuruza ibikoresho by'ubugeni bitangikanye.

Monaco Cosmetics

Monaco Cosmetics ni iduka ricuruza amavuta yo kwisiga y'ubwoko butandukanye, Iri duka ribafitiye n'imiti ivura indwara (read more)


BRICOTECH Ltd (Quincaillerie Bricothec) is a privately-owned company specialized in hardware equipments and industrial (read more)

Hope Line Sports

Tubafitiye ibikoresho bya Siporo by'ubwoko bwose! Murahasanga: Imyenda, Inkweto, n'ibindi bikoresho by'imikino (read more)

Clean Well Rwanda Ltd

Clean Well Rwanda Ltd is a Rwanda based Company Specialized in Manufacturing of Cleaning Detergents. Our products are (read more)


A warm welcome awaits you at the Nobleza Hotel located in Kicukiro Centre just 15 minutes from Kigali International Air (read more)