About University of Kibungo

UNIK vision is to be a world-class university that addresses ever-changing stakeholders’ needs.
• To ensure tech-led, innovation-driven and learning-centered teaching towards competitiveness on labor market;
• To conduct innovative research conducive to solving community-based problems through offered programs;
• To involve stakeholders in building mutual capacity for sustainable development;
• To promote inclusive practices, solidarity, and knowledge sharing.
• To be a competitive leader in the delivery of academic excellence both on-campus and in the virtual classroom.
• To utilize the latest trends in technology in order to deliver an enhanced educational experience.
• To rebrand UNIK image amongst stakeholders and competitors.
• To attract the niche group of students by providing specialized courses and groom in-house talents to deliver those global specializations.
• To establish the Centre of Excellence for Innovative Learning and Teaching (CEILT) and set out for an IP sharing and build royalty based revenues for the university.
• To launch distance learning to benefit students to share expertise and digital prowess across the globe as a logical extension of CEILT.

Faculty of Education
• Department of Arts and humanities
• Department of Clinical psychology
• Department of Economics & Management
• Department of Psycho-pedagogy
• Department of Science
Faculty of Agriculture
• Department of Agribusiness
• Department of Agricultural engineering
Faculty of Economics and Business studies
• Department of Business Studies
• Department of Economics