About Kinazi Cassava Plant

Kinazi Cassava Plant is a modern/ highly automated cassava milling factory boasting the highest technology cassava milling producing very high quality undisputed flour in on the market all over the whole country.

Objectives of the Company
We are an integrated company covering all aspects of the Cassava value chain, from developing farmer capacity to packaging our flour to the comfort of all our trading partners

Kinazi cassava plant is the factory specializing in cassava processing. It has the following steps:
• Cassava offloading
• Cassava washing and peeling
• Cassava crashing and rasping
• Fermentation and dewatering
• Drying and Packaging

Nutritional quality information
Proteins: 1.4%,
Starch: 73%,
Fat: 1.2%,
Fiber: 2.7%.
Cyanide: 0.2ppm/1kg,
Total Aflatoxins: 2ppb/1kg.