About Clean Well Rwanda Ltd

Clean Well Rwanda Ltd is a Rwanda based Company Specialized in Manufacturing of Cleaning Detergents.

Our products are excellent for any Hygienic and Cleaning purpose.

1. Clear Germ: Stain remover for toilets, tiles, bathrooms sinks, etc.
2. Toilet and floor disinfectant (Germ Killer): Liquid soap for bath, toilets and floor
3. Splendour: Cleaning detergent for tiles and floors, keeping them shiny
4. Carpet shampoo: Cleaning and odor removal detergent for carpets
5. Drain opener: Powder for cleaning blocked drain pipes
6. Asante Yacu: Washing powder for hands, tough or stairs
7. Just Relax: Odor removal for sitting rooms, bedrooms, Hotels, Hospitals, Clothes
8. All Purpose cleaner: Liquid soap that cleans floors, toilets, cars, kitchens, etc.
9. Multi-Surface polish: Spray that cleans leather, plastics, wood, glasses, etc.
10. HITZZ: Insect killer for bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc.
11. NANAH Herbal: Tooth paste